About us

My journey started with very strong family orientated convictions of right & wrong from my mother and has continued into all the businesses we now conduct .

By following my heart, the God given talents & skills I learned & still learning on my life‘s journey; I became very passionate about and inspired to do the things I currently do along with my wonderful daughter and blessed granddaughter.

Each of our businesses operate on the basis of honesty & integrity,  Which is to produce the best we can,while looking after the land and is paramount to everything we do on the farm with no short cuts.

Anything easy is not worthwhile,and Anything worthwhile is never easy.

Butterkup Farms was started in 2000 with one part bred Jersey heifer.  Our official registered Jersey prefix of Butterkup Farms was formed in 2003, at which time we started with pure bred registered Jersey cattle.  Full blood registered Lowlines were introduced in 2009.  In 2016 & 2017 we introduced purebred Gelbvieh & Simmentals Followed by Bavarian Fleckveih. Our cattle continue moving towards A2/A2 genetics.

In our cattle breeding programs we specialize in breeding for quiet, gentle cattle with good dispositions, confirmation,milk production, high butter fat,and high protein within a grass fed operation.

We now offer a variety of items including Cattle from our farm,and we look forward to meeting new people.

High quality items found on our farm

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Jersey Cattle are an invaluable asset to our farm operation,by providing high quality milk with the highest butter fat & protein content of all dairy breeds

When we started in 2009, there was only about 500 registered fullblood Lowlines in Canada. We were honoured to be in on the ground floor developing,expanding and promoting the Lowline breed in Canada.

Jersey, Lowline, and Commercial Sires with superior confirmation, dispositions, milk production, butter fat, and protein genetics. 

Gardening & love of the land has been in our family for well over six generations.

Things here are done different. From studying the pedigrees and bloodlines,to the handling & raising of our animals.

Our dogs are all healthy, well cared for, loved, clean & played with often. Raised on a farm & fed organic raw beef & dry dog food

Our honey bees are never fed antibiotics. We sometimes use herbs mixed with icing sugar to help them stay healthy through our harsh winters.

From a very young age my mother, family & friends instilled in me the love of cooking & baking using quality wholesome & mostly organic ingredients

We own a 217 acre aggregate property situated at the base of Pink Mountain in British Columbia, Canada. This location is in an area that is noted for high-quality Aggregate.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I started with getting some lean grass fed ground beef from Melanie after visiting the farm & seeing how the cattle were so well cared for that my purchases gradually expanded to buying quarters of beef.  The meat is tender, lean, reasonably priced, and comes well wrapped for good storage. We have even traded a few times with things that Melanie needed and I was able to accommodate her. Both of us were happy when this worked out so well.


When we were starting our dairy herd in the Yukon we were referred to Melanie at Butterkup Farms from another dairy in B.C. and we couldn’t be happier with the Jersey & Jersey cross cows we have purchased! Melanie is knowledgeable about her herd, its history and the pedigrees of her animals. The cows are well handled, quiet and halter broke when they arrive and all of them have bred and calved well, even in our harsher climate.  We purchased our first purebred Jersey bull from Butterkup and he arrived halter broke and quiet (as advertised).  We were nervous about getting a Jersey bull after the stories we had heard but he never fights with the other younger males, isn’t aggressive towards people and does his job well.

When we need more animals, Melanie is our first “go to” farm!”

Sunnyside Farm, Yukon

I’ve been dealing with Melanie for years and all I’ve got to say is shes done such a great job on providing for families! She’s taught me so much about cattle, the history, genetics, do’s and don’t! She has some of the best meat in town. Little to no fat and the taste is amazing. Shes very honest when it comes to selling anything. Her animals are all calm, collect and well cared for. When the time comes and I can raise cattle of my own, my first stop is Butterkup Farms. A wonderful farm and a wonderful lady!

Bankhead Family, Fort St. John, B.C

Faces of Butterkup Farms

Melanie Brumley- Guttner

Sonja & Alora Guttner