German Shepherds

About our German shepherds

In 1999 I bought my first purebred German shepherd female named Anja.

Since 2004 we have been breeding these German Shepherds for ourselves and others to enjoy.

We give new owners the information needed to give our German Shepherd puppies the best homes possible. We feed the following to all our dogs & puppies. dry dog food, fat, rice, fruits-vegetables, and our grass fed organic raw beef & bones. Our dogs drink water from the Pristine Caribou mountains. The puppy packs we send with puppies we sell contains some of the current food they’re eating, organic beef bones, with deworming & vaccination dates and other information to keep for their records.

Shepherds from Our Breeding Program

To help your new German Shepherd puppy be the best they can,we highly recommend keeping them with you at all times especially at night,even if you have to put them in a kennel by your bed. As all dogs are pack animals they need to be with their pack which is your human family,as much as possible. When they are not able to be with you they need to be in a very safe,secure dog kennel with food, water, something to play with, shelter, and no chance of escape; such as a wired off top. This way nothing can get in with your dog, as animals have been known to climb in kennels and harm dogs.

When dogs are isolated from their human pack they tend to get scared, nervous, distressed and destructive at times. As puppies are like small children they need to be nurtured, trained, entertained exercised, loved & protected. By maintaining this train of thought you will be richly rewarded when they are adult dogs,if trained correctly and consistently. We always let our new puppy owners know that we will help them train their dogs either by meeting via video conference, text, telephone, email or on our farm. The first session is free and subsequent sessions are $80/hr.