High-Quality Aggregate

We own a 217 acre aggregate property situated at the base of Pink Mountain in British Columbia, Canada.

This location is in an area that is noted for high-quality Aggregate.

Radar Scans were performed using Sensors & Software Pulse Ekko 100 equipment. This property has an extensive amount of aggregate data through a professional executive summary stating it contains a minimum 3,000,000 m3 of aggregate deposits with depths of 17 metres in specific areas based on the radar scans. Before the Radar Scans were performed a professional survey was conducted by Tryon Surveys, from Ft. St. John,British Columbia and showed over 34,000 m3 of aggregate including over sized Rip Rap containing 1,867.6m³was excavated, crushed and stock piled on only 16 acres that was being utilized.

Our mining permit can be reinstated and transferred through a separate purchase with all relevant information.

The radar scan lines contain information on where the aggregate is and depths of the aggregate.

This property is currently available for a lease, lease to own or a complete buyout.

Please contact us for any inquiries.